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Globex Trading Solutions is a leading provider of fully automated trading systems for institutional and retail customers.

We offer the ability to apply quantitative methods of trading through our proprietary trading systems. They involve a strict set of rules that, when satisfied, automatically trigger the placement of an order.

Our systems are configured to generate the purest most accurate trading signals; Globex systems are strictly about seeking profits and limiting losses. The system’s buy and sell signals are calculated by a proprietary algorithm based solely on real-time data.

As markets become more volatile, the potential to either make money or avoid large losses has become a real problem. Globex Trading Solutions and its team of system developers take advantage of information in the trading markets, by using proprietary indicators, that set optimal stops for maximum profits.



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The Globex Advantage

  • 100% Mechanical Systems eliminate the human emotion involved in trading.
  • Greed, Fear and Emotion stand in the way of profits.
  • Cost - efficient, eliminates high brokerage fees.
  • Diversify across all markets.